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GSM : +212 (0) 661 445 979


Lease / extension

The lease is for a fixed period as may be granted in the contract. An extension must be paid in advance by the renter.

Driver Profile

The vehicle can be driven only by the tenant named on the contract.
The driver must be at least 21 years old and must have a regular driving license for at least 2 years.

Delivery / recovery

The place of the delivery and recovery of the vehicle can be chosen by the customer.
The credit card print is required upon delivery.

Use of the vehicle

The use of the vehicle on unpaved runways is prohibited. The vehicle must not be used for the transport of goods prohibited by law.


Rent payment may be made by bank transfer, cash or credit card.
Our parices include unlimited mileage, they are calculated on the basis of 24 hours.
We offer low rates for a rent of a mounth or so.


The vehicles are all insured risks. However, for any damage other than vehicle theft, fire, liability and people carried (PAI), a non-waivable ceiling remains the responsibility of the driver in the case or its partial or full responsibility would be engaged. For any accident, a report is mandatory.